Read the First Page of "OZZY," a Short Screenplay

By Chris Hoshnic

A few weeks ago, a small screenplay I wrote made the finalist list for Short Screenplays at the Phoenix Film Festival. Ever since then, I've just been carrying this strong sense of being better than everyone else-no, I'm kidding. It's not really like that at all... Or sort of. Kind of. A lot.


 I wanted to take the time to show people the first page of my little story about my little, fat dog, Ozzy. Incredible ass/ridiculously handsome. 

I don't want to keep blabbering about myself or my dog so go ahead and read the first page ABOUT my dog and myself below. Enjoy, but don't tell me how bad it is because I probably already said it to myself a few times revising it. But definitely tell me how bad I'm doing! 

OZZY - A short screenplay 

A disobedient dachshund attempts to train himself for his new owner when a dog-shaped gift is placed under the Christmas tree.