The #1 Most Reliable Photography Business Resource We Swear By

By Chris Hoshnic

A lot of times, people ask us what we use to do our printing. For a while there, we would actually use resources that regular customers use. Then we wanted to print from a local company downtown in Phoenix, AZ to be "communal" but the amount of hassle it brought was just not practical. 

Now, I'm a snob and I'm super picky when it comes to quality. I throw fits, I stomp around and I'm a real nightmare, I'll admit that. 

When we were searching for a dependable place to do our printing, to match the quality we want to strive for, we found a company based in Eagan, MN.

The company started in the 1970's/1980's by Webb White and he had the same issues we faced. Then, in 1996, a fellow print lover came on board, Mike Hanline, who brought the business to new heights; wearing multiple hats and contributing many new ideas. The two went on for many years, going digital, moving to larger factories, continued growing and kept it all in the family. 

That company is White House Customer Colour



WHCC is super amazing, super efficient and super easy. The quality is similar to wet process printing and canvases are durable. Everything comes within 3-5 business days and they gift with a lollipop! It's awesome!


Anyone starting up, with no resources that more advanced photographers have, I recommend WHCC. It's great and we are hoping to use them for future film projects for film festival SWAG; which is just another word for fancy crap people give out with their film's name on it like posters, stickers and such.

WHCC is a real investment and I think anyone who wants to take their business seriously should use their services. There are no fees to use them, obviously there is a minimum base for each order placed, but if you can build packaging and products worth buying, it's really worth it. Check them out y clicking the image below, they're awesome!

NOTE: You have to have an LLC to use their services but for the most part, it's best to get one anyhow for tax purposes.