I Was a Friend, Now I'm a Fan: Meet Stephanie Blunt Lussier

Today I want to show off some of the work of a friend.  I know a lot of photographers, and love looking at their work, because each of their styles are so different.  Stephanie's dedication and eye for story in her photography are just a few things I admire about her.  She has a real talent.  


I've known Stephanie Blunt Lussier for what seems like forever.  We fell out of touch a while, but thanks to a fantastic invention of Facebook, we reconnected.  I had started working at the studio and she was now married and into photography as well.  She had a baby, Josie, and I was able to take some portraits of the family for Steph.  She soon had a little guy named CJ and was busy taking her own pictures of her munchkins as well as of her niece and nephew.  


Stephanie built up a clientele and has worked very hard to provide great service for her clients.  She really has a genuine eye for photography.  Her pictures always tell a story and are full of emotion.  She has a very empathetic heart and that shows in her work.  She always captures what is really happening in the moment.  


Stephanie always has her camera out.  She enjoys taking pictures of lunar events and of her trips up to the woods in northern Arizona and the sand dunes in California. Even her pictures of nature have emotion.  She recently went to Iceland and the pictures she took were AMAZING.  Seriously, they rivaled travel magazines.  


I mean, COME ON!!!

Another great thing about Stephanie is her willingness to learn and try new things.  A while back, she helped me out with a project.  It wasn't what she was used to doing, but she researched it and asked  questions and made sure that she was getting what was needed.  Stephanie gives her all for each client.  The moments that she captures may seem ordinary, but thats what makes them special.  It's who that person or family or even puppy are.  


This picture is super special to me and I'm forever grateful to Stephanie for it.  It wasn't planned or even what was part of the project, but she saw a moment and took it.  There is a huge difference between just taking every shot and knowing what shot is worth taking and she gets that.  

Thank you to Stephanie for allowing me to show you off and just for being awesome!  

Check out Go Do-smlphotography to see more of her work!