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1 Simple Trick Guaranteed to Make Your Photography Stand Out

1 Simple Trick Guaranteed to Make Your Photography Stand Out

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A couple weeks ago, I told you about how I started in photography.  (The #1 Simple Rule To Portrait Photography)   Well, I sort of glazed over it.  I was basically thrown to the wolves.  The only reason I didn't run away screaming was one girl took pity on me and gave me enough pointers that I could make it through Christmas.  Trying to figure it out on my own from the get go was super overwhelming.  Without these first hacks, I probably would've given up, and I would've became a different person.  So...

Thank you to that special person!!!

I was fortunate enough to get to observe (and borrow) from several talented and kind-hearted photographers.  With their tips and looking at tons of pictures and LOTS and LOTS of practice, I was able to develop my skill and provide something special to people.  

One of the great things about the internet is that there are tons of hacks for just about anything you might want to learn.  There are probably millions of tips for photography and most of them are awesome.  As with everything, you have to take it with a grain of salt and do what feels right to you.  Remember, photography is an art and art is subjective.  


There are things that make a picture stand out.  We went over a few things in the last post, but here are some hacks to create perspective.  

Both definitions work and can be achieved with these pointers.  

Both definitions work and can be achieved with these pointers.  

So first one seems like its super easy, but trust me- it's probably going to be the hardest until you just do it automatically.  

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Seems simple right? But after awhile, the camera will start to tilt up or down or to the side and the lens follows.  As long as you have angles and proper lighting, you still would have a good picture.  But if you hold the camera flat, it allows the lens to fully open on your subject, which leads me to the next tip.....


That means whatever height your subject is at, get at that level.  You will be getting in some of the weirdest positions.  Believe me, I know.  I've been there.  My knees are permanently bruised from constant up and down chasing toddlers.  It feels normal to photograph on my stomach.  By getting at the same level as your subject and holding the camera flat, you will be creating depth and dimension that will make your subject look true to life and add interest into your picture.  Try it out!!!  

Another way to get great perspective is....

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Most people either use a prime lens or a zoom lens.  Zoom lens are what come with the camera kit.  The basic lens is 28-85 mm*.  When I first started, I had no freaking clue what those numbers meant.  I made this mistake often- zoom to about 30 mm and come in closer to my subject.  The end result was a distorted picture, whatever the lens was focused on appearing larger.  Have you ever looked at a picture and thought "that doesn't look like them"?  I would be willing to bet money that the photographer was too close to the subject.  Stand back and use the zoom.  You'll notice a crisper image, where the subject is in preportion.  

* 28-85 mm is a great lens to start with.  Don't think that you need to get a huge lens. You can get great pictures with this lens.  A big, expensive lens is going to make you work harder.  It will weigh the camera down and you will have to make sure that you hold it steady so your pictures aren't blurry.  Trust me- don't do it!!! 

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So those are our hacks for gaining perspective in your photography.  Getting the right perspective will help you truly capture who your subject is.  Give it a try and let me know how it went.  Do you have any photography hacks that you'd like to share?  





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