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11 Ideas Under $40 for an Impromptu Photo Session

11 Ideas Under $40 for an Impromptu Photo Session

These are just some ideas we think (and would love to photograph) are great photo session ideas on a budget. A lot of these can be accomplished under $40 per person. And we've seen it happen! 

Here we go!

1. Personal Items

Toys, blankets, coordinating already owned clothing. refer to our last blog post as a small reference here.

2. DIY T-Shirts

DIY t-shirts such as fabric paint and iron ons from Michael's or Wal-Mart. Let the kids attempt to make their own t-shirts too!

3. Pillow Case Capes

Have a toddler who jumps of furniture and pretends he can fly? Make shift a cape from an old pillow case for a more underrated and original feel.

4. Pajamas

Grab some matching PJ's from Wal-Mart or Target for the whole family or just the kids to create an adorable and homey photograph to hang for years to come. 

5. Matchy-Matchy!

Head on over to Old Navy to grab some matching polos for both boys and girls with basic blue jeans and bare feet. If you're on an even tighter budget, try for plain t-shirts of the same hues and tones.

6. Sports Team Tees

Wal-Mart and Old Navy now carry team t-shirts for less than $30. Try coordinating teams or if members of the family prefer different teams, even more fun! While you're at it, bring a football as a prop and maybe even black face paint to emulate the quintessential football player.

7. Converse

There are outlets for almost anything now. Basic converse go for $40, but outlets have constant sales for BOGO 50%. You could find different patterns, colors and even fabrics. Have everyone pick out a pair of their own, go for basic white t-shirts and jeans while everyone rocks their own style of converse.

8. Sparklers

Now these can be tricky. It's been a while since we've tried this. Grab some sparklers online for less than $10. The sunset along with sparklers: YASSS!

9. Bonfire!

On a cold fall/winter night, this would be great with a giant throw and some s'mores. Families can hang out and talk while their photographer catches great candids. 

10. Sunnies!


11. Thrifting

Think vintage. Thrift shops usually have clothing that photographs amazingly because of color and fabric textures. Mustards, maroons and navy blues on crushed velvet and aged leathers. 


Those are just some ideas we would love to photograph more of. Tell us what other ideas you have.

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