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The 13 Steps of a Taylor Swift Album Release

The 13 Steps of a Taylor Swift Album Release

I love Taylor Swift.  A lot.  A little tooo much, some would say.  I say- Why ya gotta be so mean? She is a wonderful storyteller, not to mention her sick beats.  I have a process for each new album release- it's been the same since Speak Now.  So in honor of Reputation, here is my thought process of handling a new album. 

1. It has been a minute since there's been a Taylor sighting....  ughhh I need some new Tay!  




2. Wait... there's movement on Instagram....



3. OMG New Song Day- I MUST PREPARE!!!!



4. This is it! Wow- it's good? It's different. It's good.



5. Hmmm... I need to let this sit... let's just listen to some classic Tay.  That's just more me right now...



6. (2 days later) This. Is. My. Jam.  



7. Album release date revealed + teasers= deep detective work


The truth is out there.


8. Album Release Day! It's finally here. This is going to be amazing....here we go....



9. It's good? Yeah it's good, I mean, this song is interesting, but I like this one and this one's pretty good and what's with this one? I don't know... It's good, I mean I like it....



10. Let's just listen to something else for a bit.... Adele is nice....



11. Wait, people are talking crap about Taylor. Why? Let's listen again- oooh I LIKE this song... 



12. (2 days later) Know every word, dissect every hidden meaning, write dissertations on themes.



13. Now that it's established as my favorite album, now I can start the investigation of what her next album will be like. (Because there clues....) 

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